Monday, January 30, 2017

Mennonite Set Crew of 4 brothers from Pa unites the 2 parts to this Home

You've been thinking of the perfect VALENTINE's gift for your loved ones? We can help!

What's more important than the place you live?

We are building an amazing 3 bedroom home in Carteret Mobile Park at Lot H-2. This one won't last long because 3 bedrooms are RARE!!

It's only $90,000 This 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath Home offers 960 sq ft at Lot H-2 in Carteret Mobile Park.

January 12 we poured the concrete pad, assuring a firm foundation! Thursday January 26 we received delivery of this home. Monday January 30 the set crew made this multi-section home into one fabulous home! Things will move VERY quickly from this point forward as we continue to finish up all the preparations and the home will be ready for move in by March 1, 2017. We have 35 steps till we can show you this amazing home in person, including connecting the home to all utilities and successfully completing all inspections.

In the meantime, stay-tuned to our YouTube channel for on going development videos and make sure to get financing and fill out the resident application to get approved as a new resident!

We look forward to happily hand over the keys to you in March!

The price is set to sell fast: $90,000!

In Carteret Mobile Park we are always improving the community and the value of everyone's homes by removing older homes (trailers from the 40's and mobile homes from the 60's) and replacing them with quality affordable MANUFACTURED HOMES.

All our homes are for sale and are owner occupied. We do not rent. Subleasing is not allowed. We do not have "low income housing". Our goal is to improve the reputation of Manufactured Homes by moving away from the traditional concept of mobile home and trailer expectations. In fact this unique housing industry has had an incredible evolution! in the 1940s they WERE trailers! And really were trailed around the country as Americans took to the highways and byways in their cars! In the 1960s they were mobile homes and were very mobile, hitched to the back of automobiles. But in 1976 the federal government created the HUD code and thereafter they were called MANUFACTURED HOMES because the building standards now met or exceeded state home building codes. At every manufacturing facility federal inspectors check every home for this high standard. Essentially MANUFACTURED HOMES are the same as an onsite home except the price is much lower because they are built in a facility where weather conditions do not affect progress and supplies are all on hand. It's an amazing process!

"The BEST kept secret in Middlesex County"

What's needed to buy a gorgeous new home?

1) 10 % down payment

2) Credit score of 650 or better

3) No more than 43% debt to income ratio


1) Visit Carteret Mobile Park

1501 Roosevelt Ave

Carteret, N.J. 07008 by calling

(732) 969-0600 or emailing us at to make an Appointment to see or order your Gorgeous New Home.

2) Contact these three Manufactured Home loan providers:

First Credit Corporation

Rich D’Elia, Vice President

21 North Main St

Gloversville, NY 12078


Key One Mortgage Inc.

Joseph Esola, Owner

960 Ashley Ave Southwest

Vero Beach, FL 32968


Triad Financial Services

Anna M Stewart, Internal Marketing

Kevin Archer, Regional Manager

(937) 205-2011

125 Mooney Dr, Number 1

Bourbonnais, IL 60914

888-936-1179, ext 2247

3) Complete the Resident Application for our Community. There is a non-refundable $35 filing fee per adult. All persons to reside in the home are to be listed including children. The application is available by emailing This application authorizes a criminal and credit check on each person.

4) If the houses we have are sold, you get the amazing opportunity to order your own Gorgeous New Affordable Manufactured Home. Once you know your budget or receive your loan approval from the Finance Companies you make an appointment to meet with Mr. Dolan to order your Home on one of our available lots.

Monthly lot fee of $565 includes: City water and sewer, Garbage and recycling pick up, Mail delivery, property taxes and maintenance crew on site, office on site, care of common areas including streets (snow plowing and leaf blowing)

Join us at

Carteret Mobile Park

1501 Roosevelt Ave

Carteret, N.J. 07008

(732) 969-0600

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